18 thoughts on “Tip: Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin

  1. I am now unable to play this videos on my iphone, why? And thet will not play smoothly on my PC. Any suggestions? Thank you

    • Damon–I would recommend joining my Elite Golf Academy (EGA). Its can be found on my website on the home page under schools & training. Its the finest online academy in the world.

  2. Have you changed your video format? I have not been able to open any of the last four or five you have sent me. John Freeman

  3. Hi everyone! You might be having problems viewing the video on tablet or mobile devices. We’re working to get that issue resolved as soon as possible. There was a problem with the video hosting service we’re using. Sorry for the inconvenience…

  4. I am running Windows 7 on a desktop computer and the video Hit Soft Pitch Shots with Spin does not play. I really enjoy these little tips and when I saw this one, I was really looking forward to Shawn’s tips. Is there a way to send it out in the old format?

  5. I just love your methods Shawn, so so easy to follow, I will buy the complete package from driver right down to chipping and putting from your web site

    • John–sorry you can’t open the videos. They are working perfectly on our end and unfortunately its on your end. Try uploading the new version of flash.

    • Jerry–its not the distance. Its the carry of the ball coming in low. So you need a fair amount of green to work with. This shot is almost 45 yards from the flag. However, the ball didn’t fly that far. This shot takes a ton of practice–just like everything else and is worth the training.

  6. I bought a DVD from you a couple of months ago and never received it. Will you please check to see if you sent the DVD. Thanks

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