19 thoughts on “Tip: Hitting High Cut

  1. These videos do not play. It says “you need to have the Adobe Flash
    Player go view the content.” I have the latested loaded and it does
    not play. Please take me off your list unless you can get this fixed

    • Ken–unfortunately its on your end. Our videos are working properly on our end. The only issue we are currently having are on mobile devises and our technical crew is working on it.

  2. I watched the latest video on the ‘inside takeaway’ but this one won’t load for me.
    Too bad too..this is a shot I struggle with because my natural ball fight is a low draw. I can hit the high cut but the problem is how MUCH is it going to cut. I guess thats what practice is for. 😉

  3. Watched this with interest. Question why aim over the bunker and risk getting into it. Why not aim down the middle and try to go through between the bunkers. If you dont get the required distance at least you are not stuck in the sand.
    As a general comment it would be great if the cameraman could pan in to the green following the ball in flight. At presernt we only have your word as to where it lands. Even inexpensive cameras have a good panning capability
    Julian (UK)

    • Julian–this is a shot that is working from left to right. I give you the correct strategy because the average recreational golfer doesn’t know how to think their way around the golf course. More importantly focus on all the negatives!! If you aim at the middle and the ball moves right you’re in the far right rough with no shot. Please understand the content is about the process. If you follow the process the end result will take care of itself. Showing where the ball landed was not the goal here. Again–its the process. And yes–you have to take my word for it. I’ve been doing this for 40 years.

  4. Hi Shawn,
    Great tip.I always thought to hit a cut was to open your stance and use a weaker grip but this makes much more sense.I never thought of opening the face a little.So if I wanted to hit a draw should I use the same process but use one less club,aim right,close the face,and play it back in my stance?


  5. Shaun. I need advice on taking a Divot, If I take one it is by shear accident but I do realize that
    I get a better contact with the ball. I put it down to the fact of spending a lot of time at the Driving Range playing off of Mat’s. Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Yours faithfully T. Farrant.

    • Trevor–I wouldn’t be so concerned with taking a divot. The best players to play the game didn’t take divots. Nelson, Nicklaus, Watson, Snead to name a few.
      Picking it clean is definitely a way to go.

  6. Shawn
    nice video. Thnnks for having the guts to actually hit the thing on video, in real time, and on a course. It really makes the video great to watch. MH

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