6 thoughts on “Tip: Keep Your Head Down

  1. Dear Shawn ,BOBBY LOCKED ,probably THE best putter ever ,used to say hé never lifted his head before hé Heard THE ball rattling in THE hole .When you play THE ” réal”game ,it’s a thought to have as you cannot utilize a coin .Another trick is to keep THE Chin pointing to THE turf ,until it’s over .

    • Raymond–yes he was a great putter. However–the recreational golfer has to train in order to become a better golfer. Bottom line–golfers play like they train. So using a coin helps train your brain and your game.

  2. Shawn, I haven’t been able to watch any of these videos. They say they are one second long. I use an iPad go watch them, have you heard anyone else having thus problem?
    Regards Chris

  3. All of a sudden this past week I have not been able to play any of your videos. Is any one else having this problem? And if so how did you correct it. I have a iPhone and iPad. Thanks.

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