18 thoughts on “Tip: Master the Lob Shot

  1. Shawn:

    Great tip! My clubs are 1/2 inch long and 3 degrees upright. Won’t this lower hands setup cause my toe of club to set much higher than the heel causing the ball to come off to the left? I can’t try this yet as my clubs are in another state until I get back after the holidays. Thanks for all your great tips.


    • Kevn–your wedges should never be more than 2 degrees upright. Truly just 1 degree. My iron specs are 1 inch long and 2 degrees up. However my wedges are only 1 degree up and I’m 6’4″.

  2. Shawn, How about some tips from some of the mounds around the greens. Downhill, sidehill etc. Thanks for your tips.

  3. hi Shawn, thanks for another GreatTip.. Today I received your short game DVD which I look forward to checking out soon.. The only downside was I to play an extra $24 in tax. To the UK government.

    • Brian–thank you for your business. I’m sorry you had to pay extra for government tax. As you can see we are beginning to get in the same situation with our country.

  4. help!! i am hitting about an inch or so behind the ball i have tried all i know to stop hitting it just a little fat any suggestions?

    • Terry– Your swing is too steep. You need to shallow it out by swinging more around and not so much up and down.

  5. Hi Shawn, Great tip, would the lowering of your hands still apply for shots from a bunker, if so, how much sand would you take??

    • Les–you are on the mark. Pitch shots are done exactly like bunker shots. If you can pitch the ball–bunkers are a piece of cake.

    • Yes but you most likely won’t need it when you have sand to work with. The sand works to help the ball out of the bunker.

  6. In the last year I have lost almost 15 yards on all my clubs. I realize I have aged and have gained over 15 pounds. I changed to senior shafts but that only made it worse. I went back to my regular shafts ,but
    that didn’t seem to help It sure is frustrating. Our course from the forward tees is only 5800 yards and last year my handicap was 12. So far this year it is up to 18. I played yesterday and shot my worst round in over 25 years. I had a 102. Hopefully it was because the course was so wet, but I just couldn’t hit my drives over 155 yards. Last year I had many 250 yards or more drives. I don’t want to quit, but at this rate, I have given it a lot of thought.
    If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.

    • Glen–this is a very challenging game and one has to keep grinding it out. I would focus on what you do well in your game an get off of what you can do.
      Focus on 125 yards and closer. Develop a better short game and putting. If you quit–what else are you going to do? You better have a better hobby for plan B.
      Hang in there Glen. We all fight until the end. GOLF “GAME OF LIFE FOREEVER”

  7. Shawn,

    Watched your video for the lob shot. Question when lowering the club, it is off the ground slightly. Is this correct??

    • Kwok–I could talk about the left foot all day. Best players in the world have a flared foot and square foot. A foot slightly flared allows you to pivot better.
      At the end of the day its not a game changer either way and your focus should be on what the golf club is doing to change your ball flight. And if you really want to better your game and ball flight you need to purchase my NEW DVD “Repeating Swing Blue Print”. Its a game changer.

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