11 thoughts on “Tip: Never Miss 5-Footers

  1. Great drill Shawn but…. on my three home courses there isn’t a stright putt to be had except possibly if you are directly above or below the hole and inside of three feet. Almost all putts are up, down, or sidehill breaking putts on relatively fast greens. Whew….

    • This sounds great. However I use a right hand grip but putt backwards with a left handed putter (due to the Yips which I have never been able to cure). Should I putt with the right hand or the left hand in this drill?

      • Laurie–You will need to play around with this. First I would start off with covering the eye with the right hand. This could lead you to putting left handed. Which is even better for the brain–in changing things up in getting rid of the yips. You are on track getting rid of the yips. We have solved the riddle on the yips and you are on track.

    • John–this is about training–not playing. Building self image and confidence. Find a straight up hill putt on your practice green and get after it!!

  2. Shawn, do you still use the right arm for this drill if you normally putt with the left hand lower than the right hand? Or would you use your left hand?

    • Karen–Yes I would use the right arm–even if you use the left hand low. This is key to the feel of the putt.

  3. Jerry– you need to get off the negatives and focus on what you need to do. Just as I explained in the video. So get after it and get it done. Just like your wife tell you to do.

  4. Shawn,

    You always hit such good shots in your videos. Are you really that good? Or do you do multiple takes in order to capture one where you make both putts or hit 2-3 good chips?


    • Tom–that a great question. Its funny my director calls me one-take Jake. 95%+ of the time I do it on the first take. So yeah–I’m that good.

    • Bruce– Its all in the eyes of the beholder. Its personal preference on the width of the stance. What ever feels comfortable.

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