42 thoughts on “Tip: New Way to Hit Bunker Shots

  1. I agree. I’ve done that before. No reason you can’t if the ball is sitting clean. I’m not one to need someone to tell me it’s “OK” to do something out of the ordinary or not. I use my imagination. But I have to say, you’re the first instructor I’ve heard to even suggest it.

    • I chip out of bunkers all the time. My home course had very few bunkers until they redid the whole thing four years ago and now there are a hundred of them. I had to come up with a way to get out of them because I’m now in them so often.

  2. I enjoy your teaching methodology very much. You’re easy to listen to, easy to follow, and explain the main points and the details of whatever the clinics’ subject happens to be very succincly. You should be one of the “top ten” instructors.

  3. Thanks Shawn. I notice that you don’t scoop down then up when you use the pitching wedge, stance and swing that you demonstrate. I will try it. When you aren’t very tall ( like me) the depth of the bunker to lip distance seems to make a big difference. Carol

    • Carol–that’s the main issue when using a sandwedge and taking big swings. Use the wedge and chipping stroke with speed and you will see the results.

  4. Hi Shawn:

    How ironic you should show this technique bunker shot, we played a game the other day and my ball went into the frozen solid greenside bunker, and there was just a dusting of sand on top of the frozen sand, like concrete, well my mates sniggered at my demise, but i used a PW and pinged it out as clean as a whistle, right up to the hole, mind you i do deem myself pretty good at chipping from around the green side grass, so this was a natural instinct to make this type of shot off a frozen surface, but your the first instructor to show this type of bunker long range chip shot.

  5. I have played this shot many times with great success and prefer it to a conventional sand explosion shot but I have trouble playing this shot from really soft, deep sand. Would you change anything when playing from this type sand?

    • Rich–I would recommend using the technique in the video for all the bunker shots. Its unconventional to what’s been taught with old school teaching.

  6. Shawn:

    Thanks for another great piece of short(no pun intended) yet highly effective video instruction. I can’t wait to try this the next time I practice. Can you please do a pitching and chipping video(seperately) on uphill, downhill, above and below the feet lies, thank you?

    Randy Fox

    • Randy–thank you for the note. We have those videos in our archives of Hump Day. You will just have to look through them on our site.

  7. Shawn,
    I like your tips so much I sent for the series of lessons and thought I would get them on DVD but nothing arrived.Is it just via computer?

  8. i have SH Golf Pro on iPhone (my mobile Coach) – a life saver. As newbie i have been wondering why can’t we hit the ball instead of having to blast sand out from bunker – now here is the answer from the Hump Day Coach. Actually, this tip was included in the App a long while ago. i have trouble with highlipped bunkers – fortunately not so often – (using PW) but with practice and more lofted wedge it should work!
    i hope some day you will have All of your instructions from DVD on Apps – great to take along to the range.

  9. Hi Shawn, your training drills are the best as we actually see you do what you breach. Great work. My course has mostly high lip bunkers, can you teach/demonstrate how to play 8-10 ft high lip bunker shots successfully. Thanks again from Dale (Down Under in Australia)

    • Dale–thanks for the note. We are so glad you like our training. Will put that on the list for future Hump Days. Happy Holidays Down Under.

  10. Shawn: after watching this new bunker video several times I played a round the next day. On one of the par 5’s I found myself in a deep greenside bunker. I set up to the shot as instructed only to hit the top lip of the bunker, and the ball rolled back to my feet. Embarrassed, and in desperation I went to your previous bunker shot with the wedge laid off while square to the ball. I gave it a go and it came out just as you said it would…so thanks for that shot.

  11. Played 18 today and found myself in two greenside bunkers. I confidently employed your new bunker chip shot using my 48* wedge and easily got out each time, no worries. Man it felt good. Thanks Shawn

    • Rich–to hit a 3-wood off the ground. 1st and foremost you need a great lie with the ball sitting up on the grass. If you don’t have that you have no business tying to hit the club. Go to a 5 metal or hybrid to hit the shot. Words from the Tour.

  12. Thank you very much for giving me an extraodinary instruction on the bunker shot. I think this skill will shock my partner in the golf round. I want to download the video and replay in my phone or ipad in during the time of playing golf in order to improve skill more effectively, I’d like to know how i can download it . Thank you for your help.

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