9 thoughts on “Tip: Pitch from any Lie

  1. Shawn, I have never really known how to handle to various lies in the rough. I did not follow you video 100% on where to stand at address with the different lies. Also, the “bottoming out” needs some additional explaining. DO we hit the ball first in all three (3) of the lies? HELP !!! RJ

    • Ron–please watch the video multiple times. You make contact with the ball and turf at the same time.

  2. Shawn,

    I often find myself in a rough with the ball “teed up” so high that my club can nearly go completely under the ball without making contact. I have tried holding the club up off the ground but it feels unnatural to not contact the ground with the swing. I want to step on the ball to bury it in the rough until I can hit the ground and ball at the same time but know that isn’t allowed. I have not tried yet but have thought about hitting a driver because the face is so much taller….just open the face way up so it acts more like the loft on the club you should be using…Can you provide advise here?

  3. I have a trouble with golf, I am missing something here. Where did you address the ball initially to see where it bottoms out? If you addressed all 3 in the same place it would seem the club would bottom out in the same place? It is quite confusing to me, guess that is golf.

  4. Excellent tips. Again a smooth follow through after a crisp contact is the key. Measured chip doesnt work in these conditions.

  5. i guess the confusing part is where you said “move the ball behind where the club bottomed out…” instead of moving da feet!
    Easier for old folks like myself to understand if you’d say play the ball middle of stance or off back foot or front foot. i’m just saying 😀

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