11 thoughts on “Tip: Plane Face of Club

  1. Shawn,

    Whoa… that was way too fast. What’ya mean “… the back of my hand matches up with the club face.” Are you referring to the leading edge of the club? Certainly not to the loft of the club which would change with each club.

  2. Shawn, Happy NewYears. Absolutely love all your game improvement videos. Will continue to order. Great job. Thought about any kind of contest where the winner gets to fly to you for a weekend of golf and fun. 20* here in Portland ,Oregon ?


  3. I understand that the wrist and the clubhead need to be on the same plane back and thru. How do you square at impact? Does the left hand lead the way?

  4. Hi Shawn,
    I had wrist surgery on my right wrist last August.I don’t have all the feeling back in my hand but have built up my strength.I’ve been out to the range twice since then.I’m able to grip the club pretty good but it feels weird.I feel like I’m not over swinging because of the hand.Could this be a good thing?I know this isn’t the place to post this questions but I love to watch your tips and don’t know where else to ask this question.Thanks,Gary

    • Gary–All I can recommend is to continue with your rehab!! I have gone through many hand injuries and surgeries as well. Rehab can take years.

  5. Hi Shawn
    Great Video.
    Question: At impact if say you are at 12.00 o’clock I try to get the back of the left hand more at 1.00 o’clock to 2.00 o’clock to the ball to stop the feeling of coming over the top and and to get that slight draw.
    Would you recommend this for a lower handicapper (5).

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