16 thoughts on “Tip: Putting Grip

  1. Hi,
    Yr videos are most valuable.
    Unfortunately cannot open them on my iPhone any more.
    On my Windows PC they work still

  2. That`s the first time I have ever replayed a video several times. I have always gripped my putter with the left hand as I grip my irons; this tip makes real sense and I am definately going to give that a try. Thank you.

    • Ted–now you are on to something. If golfers would replay the training videos enough til they create mastery–they would become better goflers. Keep replaying it!!

  3. Noticed while you were holding your putter up that it appears that you wrap the ring finger of your right hand into your palm (opposite the side of the shaft that the rest of your fingers are on). Perhaps what I thought I saw was not so but if so why do you do that. I also notice that once I wrap the index finger of my left hand around the shaft the butt end cannot help but move out of the line created by the initial alignment of the club in the palm of the hand created by aligning with the middle finger.

    • Bill–the grip is pretty simple. Create the single plane with shaft inline with your forearms. My left index finger extends down the grip as well. All others fingers wrap around the grip.

  4. What about a cross handed grip? I putt left hand low. Should I use that tip even though my left hand is obviously lower than my right? Love your tips. You are a great teacher!!

  5. Great tip Shawn. I have found that installing my putter grip with the flat part facing the hole helps my alignment. Keep up the good work.

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