6 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Over The Top Shots

  1. Hi Shawn. Im writing from Bogota, Colombia. I like you style very much. You message is clear, simple and vey effective. I was close to dropping golf altogether when I found the tip about the arms coming down before the shoulders. Im no longer coming over the top and Im hitting draws consistently. Sometimes they turn into hooks unfortunately. I want to thank you for that tip and many others Ive incorporated into my game. I went from a 26 hcp to a 12 in a couple of months.

    • Alejandro–thank you for writing from Columbia. You are now on your way to better golf. Keep up the great work Alejandro!

  2. Enjoy your videos..great info. I believe all of us would like to see you strike the ball after your instructions on how to do it. Thank you

    • Ernie–thanks! In most cases I do. However, when the process is far more important than me hitting the shot–that’s what we focus on, the process.

  3. Great tips……keep them coming. Please to let you know I had my first hole in one.
    Scoring better and handicap going down….
    Many thanks.

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