23 thoughts on “AR – RS Blueprint Day 1 – Tip: Setup

  1. Shawn,

    Enjoy your Wendesday Tips and can’t wait for the weather to stop raining and snowing to start the season.
    My question is how to set yourself up to be aiming in the correct direction in the first place. I know from your tips that the club face should face the target but how about my position to the ball and the target.

    • Frank–go to the Hump Day archives on my site and look for the alignment strategy. Their are a few of them.

  2. I’m 65 years old, have a 23 handicap, normally play golf twice a week. I have a problem of hitting off the toe of the driver which of course takes away distance. How can I correct this? Thanks.

    • Jack–hitting off the toe really doesn’t take that much off distance. With that said–you golf swing is too much up and down and needs to be more rounded.

  3. When buying golf coaching lessons i prefer to buy them on DVD discs. This allows me to watch them on my 81cm TV set instead of a small computer monitor and to “rewind” the disc to watch the same component again and again if i desire.
    Unfortunately the postage is nearly as expensive as the product.
    Just thought I’d pass this on as there may be others in the same boat.

    • Barry–International shipping–more importantly the processing has really sky-rocketed in pricing. We do our absolute best not to pass along the additional cost to our customers and apologize for the expensive shipping.

    • Rob–its not my position to tell you what driver to use. Especially since I don’t see you in person. However, Its a MUST you test both clubs so you can make a confident decision. Its not different than test driving a car your going to buy. Never buy something with out testing it and you will have a piece of mind.

  4. HI Shawn; Here is my question? I received your video and it seems it will help my game. BUT i got some herniated disc and can’t really swing my clubs yet. Any comments on what i should do without canceling my subscription to your training course. I really want to improve my game in all aspects as to what i’ve watched so far. Please help me on this note… Will continue to watch and learn mentally. Physically can’t swing yet, i’ve tried. ANY COMMENTS?

    • Michael–sorry to hear of your injury. If you can’t swing a club–maybe you can chip & putt and spend time on your short-game. If you can do this you have an amazing opportunity to take your game to the next level. Take the injury as a challenge and that you are not going to let it hold you back for the game you love. Your greatest opportunity to raise the level of your game is in the short-game we have a ton of training for you in our EGA. Don’t give in!!! Take it as a challenge to and a benefit to not hit balls. All the best.

  5. Shawn, what changes in your setup for different length clubs. Something has to be different for the driver vs a short iron. Thanks for your help. I enjoy your tips. Tar Hole Tim

    • Tim–I would recommend getting my Ball Position Trainer. The new version will be released mid May.

  6. Shawn, thanks for the great tips. I feel like I set up for my iron play pretty well and the end shot is usually pretty good; however I feel like when I set up to hit my driver I (1) lose a little knee flex and (2) I think my missed shots area result of inconsistent ball placement in my stance. Any suggestions here? Thanks.

    • Jerry– you need to get my Ball Position Trainer. The new and improved BPT will be available mid May.

  7. Shawn
    I have “How to Build a Repeating Swing”, so would the “blue print” series be that much different?

    • Tim–without a doubt the Blue Print DVD is different. Its a 3 hour 3 DVD package that takes you through the most important parts of the swing. Then offers your multiple drills to train in these areas so you can truly build a repeating swing. No DVD has ever been produced like this with this detail.

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