12 thoughts on “Tip: Stabilize Setup

  1. Shawn: Really enjoy you golf instruction. Hump day comes just at the right time of the week.
    Keep up the good work. I hope when April gets here in Illinois that I will see improvements in my golf game.
    R. Brown

  2. Shawn, Thanks for the Hump day series, I have the two step video and use it almost every day just wanted to know if the natural order of progression is to purchase How to build a repeating swing? How do the two tapes differ and does it make more sense to purchase your short game video next. AS a side note at the end of last year i played three of my best rounds in a long time using what i had learned from your tape and your hump day tips.
    J. Lucas

    • John–thanks for the note! And you are spot on in your progression of going from the 2-Step to the How To Build. Then to the Short-Game Performance.

  3. Hi Shawn
    Thanks for your continuing instruction/tips. I have spread the word about you here in North Georgia so they can benefit and make them play/enjoy golf more. Thanks again Mike

    • R.L.– I’m based in Dallas Texas at the Dallas Cowboys Golf Club. Due to my commitment to my academy training and e-commerce business my time doesn’t lend itself to private lessons.

  4. Shawn ,i had been told to push back YOUR rear to have a good set up :you say that you should bring it ” in “.Which is THE correct way ?

  5. great advice, i have some old golf instruction books BY Mr X from the late 60’s,
    in it he notes the master golfers have their hips up and forward, this helps stabilize the swing
    and gets the hips working correctly, one needs to work on core exercises to strengthen the whole
    hip structure

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