9 thoughts on “AR – RS Blueprint Day 2 – Tip: Takeaway

    • Robert–this is a very difficult game. People make progress on different levels. You have to be realistic about your expectations. If you haven’t set your goals I would highly recommend doing that. And if you will go to my website and click on videos / Golf 360 TV. You can see the webinar I did on setting goals and training. This will give you a better perspective of how to set your goals that will lead to a better expectation. All the best.

  1. Hi Shawn – I am already member have been for around 7 months (I’m in 7th month of video training from the Web site). Question
    is – are you presenting new information here or am I covered with me current monthly membership?

    Thanks in Advance

    PS – The training video has helped allot – some of my golf buddies are commenting about how well I’m hitting the ball. One of the guys said I’m making it look easy.

    • Nick–You are in the right spot of the EGA. Just keep up the reviews of the training. Glad to have you onboard.

  2. Hi Shawn,

    I love your videos and tips. I don’t know if you covered this before, but all my golf friends say I should get my clubs fitted. I noted that my driver and 3 wood and hybrids have a stiff flex shaft.

    Is there a certain mph for my swing when I get it measured that would put me into the regular flex shaft category and how do the professional fitters go about recommending? I’m probably like a lot of folks and wonder this. I appear to have a pretty good swing speed but wonder if I would notice the difference when fitted.


    • Andrew–definitely want to get fitted. However once you narrow down the shaft be sure and hit the club outdoors and not just into a net. Your eye has to see the ball flight and not just from a computer.

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