8 thoughts on “Tip: The Pitch Chip

  1. Shawn: I often chip with a 56 degree wedge. After watching the video, it seems I’m not using the irons most common to chipping. Which irons are most commonly used by pros and amatuers for chipping, thanks?


    • Randy– Its all proportionate to the ratio of the shot. I would recommend getting my DVD “Short Game Performance” it will help you master your strategy and give you solutions to a better short-game.

  2. I usually chip with a 52 or 60. ….. Pitching with 44 through 48. . Isn’t that ‘normal’ ? Although I do have friends that chip with an 8 iron.

    • John–The club selected needs to be proportionate to the ratio. And I recommend you purchasing my DVD “Short Game Performance”. The DVD will train you on exactly what club you need to use based on the ratio.

  3. Hi, Shawn. Your tips are great and I look forward to them. I noticed you are square at address for chips and pitches. I’d like to do this but I feel blocked when I try it. I’m used to pulling the left foot back since it seems to help me get through the shot. What’s your view?? Thanks.

    • Thomas–I’m not a fan of an open stance. This leads to open shoulders and hips and leading to a path that’s angled across or angled left though impact. This is old school stuff that you are doing and it leads to inconsistency.

    • Raul– I would recommend that you purchase my DVD “Short Game Performance” to learn about chipping around the green.

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