11 thoughts on “Tip: Three Ways Club Goes Inside

  1. I haved or I think I haved tryed just about everything I can and I still cannot draw the ball.
    Maybe your comments on the take away might help.
    Please submitt other possibilities.
    I am 65 yrs old and have a 9 handicap consistantley.

    • I’m a 61 year old, off 12, and I can’t hit a (driving) draw; I’m right handed. I’ve been told to imagine a clock face with the ball at the centre … now, try and drive the ball towards 11 0’clock … hence putting right to left spin on the ball … I’m still trying …

    • Primitivo–the one thing that you haven’t done is to close the clubface before impact. The is only one cause of a slice and its an open club face. That’s it. Now there are many characteristics that influence the slice. However, the open face is the only cause.

  2. I too swing inside but don’t come over the top. All my divots point to the right NOT left. I’m 72 years old and play to an 8.5 handicap.

    • Jim–you swing is inside however your down swing is above the plane that you started on–however, its still coming from the inside. Hogan’s golf swing was very much like that.

  3. Hi Shaun, I do the thing on the back swing but on the front swing, the thing is like that on that swing only and not on this one at address. what am I doing?

    • Ken–due to intellectual property rights we will not offer it at a download. However, we will offer it as a digital link for the consumer.

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