15 thoughts on “Tip: Two Secrets to Better Chipping

  1. Hi there, have you changed your video format?? The last 3 you have sent me via email I have been unable to open on my IPad 3. It just the video is not playable on this player, regards, John Freeman

  2. Shaun these 2 minutes or so video lessons have helped me considerly.I thank you and as finances improve I will order your dvd. Merle

  3. Shawn, it was recommended to me by a friend that I try chipping with a hybrid. I have a new set of clubs with a 4, 5, and 6 hybrid, and I have experimented with chipping with the 4. So far it has worked fairly well. I tend to under and over hit my pitching irons…..7, 8, 9, and pw.

    • Gary–this is all good. However when you need to get some height on the ball you must learn to use the higher lofted clubs.

    • Sean, I would highly recommend the Elite Golf Academy (EGA). Its available on my website under schools & training. Its the best training in the world.

  4. Hi Shaun can you please tell me what format you send your videos in. Because every time I try to open your videos they will not open on my iPad. Thanks Dave.

  5. Shawn ,In your earlier VIDEOS (HUMP DAYS )which I stopped receiving not knowing why ,you showed very interesting chipping shots ,varying THE position of THE ball to YOUR Feet .Could you show them again .Now question:I see you shorten your grip in THE handle for chipping .I don’t ,but am very accurate with m’y chipping .Should I change m’y grip ?

    • Raymond–you can see all the Hump Day video articles on the home page of my site. The Hump Days and daily video emails are already populated by my team and scheduled for he next 6 months. Need to save the daily videos if you want to review them on a regular basis.

  6. 1) In this lesson , how to increase your SPEED? And what you mean HOLD your speed?

    2) In your short game precision DVD , you said SET UP,,the club end is pointing to your buckle, but in this lesson you said club end point to your sternum ? Is there any difference ?

  7. I had observed the speed tip watching Phil on TV. Of course it has helped me. Will have to try standing closer.

    For the first time, video would not appear when using my browser of choice, Safari, on my Mac. It does come up using Chrome.

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