22 thoughts on “TS: Train Like A PGA Player

  1. Shawn.

    I have worked with these tour sticks more effectivly stuck into the ground at all sorts of angles to check lateral movement, swing planes, body movement, club/shaft position etc.

    Far more effective than just placing them on the ground.

    Thanks for the interesting videos.


  2. I bought the tour sticks a couple of weeks ago and found they are a fantastic alignment aid, but I’m still fighting an “over the top” move. I even tried aligning 2 sticks on the ground about 6″ apart.
    Got any ideas?
    Pittsburgh, Pa.

    • John–I would recommend my newest DVD Training System “Repeating Swing Blue Print” for you to train and correct your over the top move.

  3. Hi Shawn,

    The particular use of the tour stick for getting and staying on plane improved my ball-striking and accuracy by at least 30%. I couldn’t believe the impact of such a simple and easy concept could have on improving my game.

    I also used your “leave the gate open” technique for hitting the draw. It was so easy and simple to use effectively right away. I didn’t have to change my grip or stance or anything. Now, I can handle those dog-leg left fairways off the tee!

    I have most of your videos, but none has these two newest techniques form you.

    Mucho thanks,
    Ransom, Twin Cities,MN

  4. I would love a set of these but I think the transport to Australia would be a problem.
    Apart from that though, a very good training tool

  5. Your tips are always thought provoking and very useful. You obviously have a very unique way of relating the swing thoughts of Byron Nelson. Will your schools be available in 2014, Shawn?

  6. Shaun,
    Does this plane angle on takeaway work for the driver as well?

    It works very well with my irons and my accuracy has improved alot.

    Thanks for the great tips!



  7. Thank you Shawn. I own Blueprint and Two Steps. I can’t find this drill with the tour stick from the front heel to the back toe.

    It seems like a great reference drill. Where can I find more?

    This is great material.

    thank you.

    • Jaey–this is training content that is only sent out to golfers in our database. Its not in the Blueprint and Two Steps.

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